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Easier Invoicing for Freelance Artists and Designers

If you are a web designer or artist, you will know about the hassles that at times can come when it’s time to do your invoices. If you only happen to do one or two invoices per week, the entire process may possibly be not too tire-some, but as soon as you will need to do more invoices, your invoicing and the work it involves can quickly become a chore.

e-invoiceWorse, with traditional invoicing you won’t just spend some considerable time doing them. It can at times also incur significant expenses, such as if you happen to need extra staff for this purpose,  let alone the costs for mailing your invoices to clients.

To help you save considerable time that you can do to dispense better plus help you save on entirely unnecessary costs, I recommend that you look into electronic invoicing. E-Invoice basically works for any type of profession and business, whether you are a freelance web designer, graphics artist or if you happen to operate a large business.

What are the advantages of E-Invoice?

For starters, electronic invoicing means that you can do your entire invoice process from your phone or notebook. Not only can you create your invoices this way, you can actually send and receive them over the Internet the same way as with email.

For freelancers, e-invoicing is in particular interesting since it can give you a lot more mobility as well. Rather than having to do your invoices at home or in the office, you can now do them any time you want right from your mobile device.

Further advantages of electronic invoices are that they are easy to do and not that much different from the old way to do them. You will also not require any special equipment to get started with it. Likewise, the costs of electronic invoicing are so low that it can be an interesting option for pretty much anyone.

London’s Singing Waiters

London’s Singing Waiters are a different kind of musical experience. Unlike other entertainment acts in the United Kingdom, this groups of professional singers and dancers is entirely dedicated to what’s known as “surprise entertainment”.

The Singing Waiter’s classic act is the singing waiters routine, a top-favorite at British weddings. But the Singing Waiters are also performing flash mobs and classical musical entertainment.

For more information about the Singing Waiters see the Singing Waiters in London.

The Carrières des Lumières Digital Art Museum in Paris


France has always been a nation  that we associate with art, beauty and style. Now, the France sees the arrival of a new type of museum that is sure to attract visitors.

The Carrières des Lumières is hailed as the nation’s new hot spot for digital art. The museum is located inside an old limestone quarry in a tiny village of France.

The walls of the Carrières des Lumières feature images of artists’ like Matisse, Chagall and others. For visitors, the  magnificent view of masterful paintings inside the cave is a beautiful experience unlike any other.

For priceless artworks, the multiple cavernous rooms of the Carrières des Lumières always stay at the perfect cool temperature. From the outside, you won’t see much since all the beauty is literally in the belly of the rock. Outside the museum there is a parking lot where visitors can easily reach the entrance to the spectacular grotto.

The Carrières des Lumières will be open daily 10 a.m to 6 p.m. and it’s located at 38-40 rue Saint-Maur, 75011, Paris. Métro stop: Saint-Maur or Père-Lachaise.